ZipPassword 3.5

Full-featured fast password recovery tool for Zip (PKZip/WinZip) archives

Though often called a password cracker, Zip Password is a much more sophisticated piece of software than a simple zip password cracker. Zip Password supports Zip files created with various Zip software (including PKZip and WinZip) and in various compression modes, including self-extracting archives. A full-range of password recovery methods is implemented in Zip Password:
Brute Force Attack ? Zip Password checks every possible combination of characters (within a given range)
Dictionary Attack ? Zip Password checks every word from a dictionary. Works if the used password is a natural word. Since the size of a dictionary is very small compared to the search speed, Dictionary Attack is processed almost instantly.
Smart Force Attack ? Zip Password checks only natural combinations of letters.
Password Variation ? This method can crack your password if you remember at least a part of it.
Known Plain Text Attack ? This method is tremendously useful if you have a plain unencrypted copy of any file from the encrypted archive you want to crack. In this case, the archive will be cracked and the password recovered within 24 hours regardless of the password length.
The newest technologies incorporated in Zip Password boosted the search speed to more than 3,000,000,000 (yes, three billion) passwords per minute or 50,000,000 passwords per second. This makes Zip Password the fastest zip password recovery software in the world that outperforms the fastest competitors by a factor of three. Still, owing to the nature of password recovery, it can take a lot of time to crack your password. Fortunately, with Zip Password you can stop the password recovery process at any time and continue later.
The latest versions of Zip Password support the advanced encryption mode (AES) implemented in WinZip 9.0.

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